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Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell Fantasy Art

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introduction to ArtFantastix

ArtFantastix is a guide to the life-long artistry of fantasy arts supreme couple Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell.

More than two thousand paintings and drawings have been collated from my collection to create what could be the largest concentration of their art, anywhere on the internet, starting from before the early comic covers way back in 1970, right up to the present day.

Club weilding Cro-Mangnon attacked by aliens
Scantily clad Princess holding knife before large head wearing headdress

Many of the images within this site have been digitally scanned by myself from hundreds of Boris and Julie's publications published on a wide range of media including paper, cd-roms and digital.

Some images have been sourced fron the internet to fill in the gaps.

Please visit frequently, you are free to download as much as you desire. Bear in mind that the art within this site is copyright to the artists and publishers and should not be used for commercial purposes.

Future Content

My intention is to keep the site growing, adding new content as both artists continue to astound us with beautiful, imaginative fresh works of art.

Thank You Borisography

This site introduced me to the artwork of Boris Vallejo. 'The Borisography’ is now under the new management of Bernard Rogers, he is continuously updating and adding new content. I cannot urge you enough to visit this wonderful website.

Boy and girl clutching the Cosmic Bow peer through circular hole in stone wall
Nude girl and peacock sitting in bough of tree which has a face.

The TEST Painting Gallery

This is where you can view all of Boris and Julies paintings held in the collection. The gallery is ordered by year and is controlled by a simple slider.

Each thumbnail can be enlarged or downloaded. Useful data accompanies each image.

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The Publications Gallery

You can view the images contained within Boris and Julies many publications. The images are shown, cropped and sized as they originally appeared.

This gallery is ordered by media-format and is controlled by a simple menu or drop-down selecter (I havn't decided yet!)

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Woman wearing leg and arm ornaments stands before floating rocks
Fairy with outstretched butterfly wings stand on bough of tree

The Relations Gallery

This gallery brings together paintings and sketches that are related to each other in some way.

The aim is to compare the preliminary sketch to the final painting, to demonstrate how the initial idea has progressed throughout the project

In the past Boris and Julie have experimented with digital techniques to create paintings. All the elements used in a painting employing this technique are brought together.

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This site is one of my hobbies and I hope you enjoy it.

I am also slowly trying to learn web design, which is why the sites appearance changes from time to time. Sadly I'm neither an artist nor a developer, none-the-less every effort is made to keep the content fresh adding extra data and features.

Your feedback would be appreciated as I want to give you the best experience possible.

Could you kindly report any broken links and missing images. Please send your comments/requests by filling in this contact form.

Naked Venus laying on a bed of flowers

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Reference Gallery - image_searchSearch will find records matching certain keywords built into ArtFantastix, these keywords are based on characters or objects within the painting (e.g 'tree', 'wolf', 'Conan' or 'tarot'). If you can't remember the title, but remember there was a dragon in the painting try the keyword method to narrow the search, it's not infallable but it may help!

Publications Gallery - commit Scroll Speed Slider controls the speed of the publications carousel. You can also drag the scroll bar or click the left and right buttons to access items more quickly. Clicking on an image in the carousel selects that publication to view it's contents.

Providing you do not clear your browser cache, ArtFantastix will remember the last page you visited, and your 'items per page' setting for each of the galleries, so that you can continue to browse from the same point as your last visit.

Images and thumbnails

Clicking the thumbnail images in the viewing area will enlarge them, a file_download Download button is provided if you wish to download the selected image.