“The art is not just a job... it's who we are.”
Boris Vallejo, Artist.

One of the most complete guides to Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell's fantasy art, there are over two thousand paintings each annotated and available for free download.

A Family of Artists

A Model Family

Boris Vallejo's career took off in the mid 1970's. From the beginning the family participated in art. First as models, Boris (then a keen bodybuilder) would work from photographs of himself or his first wife Doris posed as characters within the paintings. Later the children would be encouraged to play their part as models. Julie Bell, his second wife, (herself a competitive bodybuilder and model) posed for many of his paintings. As Julie's career began to flourish, she in turn would ask her two sons to model for her.

Just as the children of many professionals follow their parents into the same profession, be it theatre, law or music. It should suprise you little on learning that the Vallejo's and Palumbo's are accomplished professionals in their own right. Boris's son Dorian Vallejo, is an accomplished portrait artist, whilst his daughter Maya Vallejo, being a professional photographer. Julie Bell, and her two sons, Anthony Palumbo and David Palumbo are also awards winning professional artists.

When Boris says 'it's who we are' it can be taken quite literally. Jointly, they live and breath their art, it's often discussed whenever the family gathers, each of the clan drawing inspiration from one another.

Welcome to ArtFantastix

ArtFantastix is primarily a catalog and guide to Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell's art including preliminary drawings, sketches and completed pieces, stretching across many decades and differing genres such as fantasy, sci-fi, mythology, comic-heroes and many more. The images are annotated with relevant information and interesting comments as well as a list of publications where each painting has appeared.

What's here...

Whether you are encountering their work for the first time, or an avid fan wishing to learn more about these artists there is an abundance of art and information waiting for you here, perhaps the largest combined collection of their art to be found on the internet. The images span the full length of each artists repective careers and new additions are still arriving.

Please visit frequently, you are free to download as much as you desire. Bear in mind that the art within this site is copyright to the artists and publishers and should not be used for commercial purposes.

Source Material

Many of the images within this site have been digitally scanned by myself from hundreds of Boris and Julie's publications published on a wide range of media including paper, cd-roms and digital. Some images have been sourced fron the internet to fill in the gaps.

Future Content

My intention is to keep the site growing, adding new content as both artists continue to astound us with beautiful, imaginative fresh works of art.

Thank You Borisography

Mine is not the only site to feature Boris and Julie's artwork. In fact it is inspired by the 'Original Borisography’ the concept of Hercules Gunter based in Western Australia. This site introduced me to the art of Boris Vallejo.

Following a long period of inactivity it has since been resurrected as the New Borisography under the very capable management of Bernard Rogers, who has added fresh new content bringing the site right UpToDate. I cannot urge you enough to visit this wonderful website.


The features section gives you additional background information.

Boris's Biography

Read about Boris's early life and the beginnings of his career.

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Julies's Biography

Julie's Story, from itinerant housewife to celebrated artist.

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Painting Techniques

An illustrated guide to the couples painting techniques.

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The Galleries

All of the images and additional data are stored within these galleries.

Unique Images

The Paintings Gallery

This is where you can view all of Boris and Julie's paintings held in the collection. The gallery is ordered by year and divided by a simple slider that selects from hundreds of images displayed alongside pertinent information. Each image is free to download.

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Images from Publications

The Publications Gallery

This is where you can view all of Boris and Julies publications held in the collection. This gallery is organised by media type. Items can be selected via the drop-down menus. Images from each publication can be downloaded for free.

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Related Paintings

The Relations Gallery

This gallery brings together paintings and sketches that are linked together in some way, allowing prelimary ideas and studies to be compared alongside the final rendering, or to see how a painting or elements within a painting, have been altered and re-purposed.

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